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  • Collaborations

    Projects completed in recent years

    Title of the project


    Quality Monitoring of Aquatic Products in Shanghai

    Cen Weiping

    Research on Synthesis of 10 - Hydroxy - 2 - hydroxy-decenouc Acid by NonaqueousFermentation

    Li Bolin

    Development of Fucoidin Products in Effluent of Iodine Making with Kelp

    Zhang Shuping

    Research of Sexual Precocity of Eriocheir Sinensis

    Cheng Yongxu

    Research of Cultivating Technology of Offspring Seed of Penaeus Japonicus in Hekou District

    Zang Weiling

    CAI Design of Aquatic Life (Form and Classification)

    Wang Liqin

    Improved Variety Breeding, Development and Utilization of Megalobrama Amblycephala – Pujiang No. 1

    Li Sifa

    Research of Using Sex Reversal Technology to Produce Neo Full Male Tilapia Mossambica

    Li Jiale

    Light Trap Device for Ocean Squid Fishing

    Chen Xinjun

    Construction of China Fishery Network

    Gu Naida/Lu Weiping

    Research of Toxicity of Organophosphorus Effluent to Fish

    Yang Xianle

    Important projects under research

    Title of the project


    Research on the response mechanism and physiological and ecological effects of aquaculture under environmental stresses

    Liangbiao Chen

    Developing frontier technologies for exploring, discovering and exploiting

    hadal bioresources

    Jiasong Fang

    Research on the genetics and regulation mechanism of development in fish

    Yin Lu

    Changes of nutritional quality and regulatory mechanism of aquatic products

    during storage and transportation

    Xichang Wang

    Excellent germplasm innovation and large-scale production of seeds in pearl


    Zhiyi Bai

    Key Processes For Production and Forming Mechanism For Fishing Ground of Antarctic Krill Resource

    Guoping Zhu

    Frontier Research on the Hadal Macro-organisms Life Process

    Qianghua Xu

    Conversion processes of elements and their influencing factors in marine

    seep system

    Duofu Chen

    Aquatic molecular immunology

    Tianjun Xu

    Novel Methods for Absolute Quantification of Phosphorylated Proteins and Peptides Based on Microfluidic Devices and Spectrophotometric Analysis

    Hongyan Bi

    Deep Frozen Tuna Microstructure and Quality Variation at Different Tempering Speed in Radio Frequency

    Yang Jiao

    The regulation of AKT/FoxO1 pathway on gluconeogenesis in largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides)

    Songlin Li

    The inhibitory effect and mechanism of food hydrocolloids on the formation of heterocyclic amines in meats

    Mingfu Wang

    Macroevolution and microevolution of the genus Acrossocheilus:


    Jinquan Yang

    How blue light induces the development of melanophores-determined

    countershading in marine bony fishes

    Baolong Bao

    Clone the key genes associated with purple nacre formation based fine QTL

    mapping and their functional identification in Hyriopsis cumingii

    Zhiyi Bai

    Ecological roles of pelagic sharks in the Tropical Eastern Pacific and their

    mechanisms of regulating ecosystem structure and functions 

    Yunkai Li

    Comparative study on the combined carrying effects of seawater acidification

    and hypoxia and their diel variation on two mussel species in the East China


    Youji Wang

    Distribution and sources of persistent organic pollutants in sediments and gammarideas from hadal trenches in the Western Pacific Ocean

    Jingqian Xie

    Research on Methodology of Integration Processing of Laser Altimetry High

    Resolution Stereo Survey Satellite for Precise Building Damge in Large


    Zhonghua Hong

    Research on Management Strategy and Response Mechanism of Ommastrephes bartramii recruitment to Climate Change in the Northwest Pacific

    Xinjun Chen

    The molecular mechanism of natural chemical cues regulating settlement of

    the mussel Mytilus coruscus

    Jinlong Yang

    Mechanism and capacity of the island reef ecological radiation effect: research based on trophic source – macro algae

    Shouyu Zhang

    Research on the Basic Problems of Marine Renewable Energy Utilization Based on the Principle of Magnetohydrodynamic Generation

    Yongguo Li

    Saliency-based Visual Information Processing for Artificial Vision in Retinal


    Jing Wang

    Investigating the Involvement of China on the Fisheries Management of the

    North Pacific Fisheries Oganization

    Siquan Tian

    Research on China's Foreign Trade Model and Upgrade from the Perspective

    of Value-Added Trade Network

    Zefang Liao

    Research on the Evolution and Reconstruction of the Interaction between Collective Consultation Mechanism and Employee Participation Mechanism in the

     Industrial 4.0 Era

    Huiqin Zhang

    Effects of Emotional Labor on Work Efficiency of College Teachers

    Jiuhua Zheng

    Research on planning programming and strategy optimization of cold chain

     logistics network

    Daqing Wu

    Research on International Monetary Power Transfer and the Countermeasures of RMB Internationalization from the Perspective of Network Evolution

    Zefang Liao

    A Study on the Strategy of Sea Power in the Late Qing Dynasty

    Qianghua Li