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  • A delegation led by Inspector General of Thailand Ministry of Fisheries visiting SHOU

    The release date:2019-01-11view:13Set

    On January 11, an eight-person delegation led by Ms. Malinee Smithrithee, Inspector General of Thailand Ministry of Fisheries, visited SHOU, and engaged in friendly negotiations with the principals and professors of the International Exchange Office, the Office of Science and Technology, the Graduate School, the College of Fisheries and Life Science, College of Food Science and Technology and the College of International Cultural Exchange.

    On October 11, 2018, SHOU signed an agreement for cooperation in fishery science and technology with Thailand Ministry of Fisheries. This visit was the first meeting between the two sides after the signing of the agreement. During this meeting, they exchanged opinions about artificial portunid breeding, seed rearing, bait cultivation technology, malachite green replacement technology, aqua-culture tail water treatment & odor substance control technology, pearl mussel breeding technology, aquatic product processing, new dielectric aquatic product processing technology, aquatic product safety, aquatic product nutrition and health functions and so forth, and reached consensus on establishing Sino-Thailand Joint Aquatic Science Research Center and jointly holding Sino-Thailand academic symposiums, professor exchange, joint graduate student training and other issues.

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