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  • International Seminar on “Sustainable Seafood Value Chain: Trace-ability” Held in Shanghai

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    On November 28-29, an International Seminar on “Sustainable Seafood Value Chain: Trace-ability”, hosted by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and undertaken by SHOU, was held in the meeting room 102 of Tuwen Information Center, Lin’gang Campus.


    The opening ceremony of the seminar was directed by professor Yang Zhengyong, Director of the Office of Science and Technology of SHOU, with speeches given by Wu Jiannong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of SHOU; Zhou Jianmin, Director of the Office of Aquatic Products in Shanghai; and John Ryder, Director of the Office of Fishery Product Trade and Marketing of FAO. Organized by Shen Nianjun, the fishery official of the Office of Fishery Product Trade and Marketing of FAO, the seminar focused on the theme of “Sustainable Seafood Value Chain: Trace-ability”, and held discussions about the international trade of fishery and aquatic products, the rules on the traceable system and practice and good trace-ability system, the rules on the trace-ability of aquatic products, the rules on the system of voluntary fishery harvesting registration, the small-scale fishery and aqua-culture trade, the EU requirements for the trace-ability of food safety and aquatic products, the trace-ability of blockchains and aquatic products, etc.

    Experts and scholars from FAO, FISHCOIN, WWF, SEAFDEC, the Chinese Institute for Sustainable Development of Blue Economy (NGO), Ningbo University, China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association and SHOU presented reports on the above topics. Related government officials from Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Oman, Chile and other countries attended the seminar, and introduced the status of the trace-ability of their aquatic products and related problems.


    At the end of the reporting, the seminar especially set a centralized discussion link, and invited participants to engage in in-depth exchanges of ideas about international fishery trade policies, food safety, voluntary rules and mandatory specification on the trace-ability of aquatic products, etc.

    In 2016, SHOU joined FAO GLOBEFISH program as a cooperative member. Since then, it has successfully cooperated with the Division of Fisheries of FAO in joint research and publication, and the College of Economics and Management has sent experts and graduate students to FAO for visit and exchanges of ideas for three consecutive years. In 2017, SHOU and FAO successfully held an “International Seminar on International Fishery Trade, Market and Governance, which produced phased results and represented the continuation of cooperation between the two sides. During the seminar, Secretary of SHOU CPC Committee Wu Jiamin had held in-depth discussions with John Ryder and Shen Nianjun, having agreed to further their cooperation and exchanges in the future.

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